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College Bookies is your one stop source for college betting news, pay per head, fantasy, bookie information, plus everything else that is related to the gambling world. Our focus is the college market, those who enjoy betting on games over the weekend with their friends and placing a wager online whether it be fantasy, their march madness bracket, or action with their local bookie.

Our goal is to make your experience more enjoyable, providing the very latest in sports news, odds, Sportsbook Reviews, Pay Per Head Reviews, and Fantasy Sports Reviews.  If you feel you have advanced knowledge on any of these subjects, then the College Bookies Internship may be the right place for you to sharpen your writing skills!

We are looking for several college students or recently graduated alumni to join our team and provide quality content regarding the college community gambling culture.  You may wish to write about the big upcoming game this weekend – a rivalry, or revenge game, or the latest news, sports tips, and entertainment.  Content must be original and easy to review, edit, and post.  In order to qualify you must be over the age of 21 and submit 5 articles per week (no copying off the web) we repeat your material must be 100% original.

End of 2017 – Top 3 Writers Selected

End of the year we will select the top 3 interns to work part-time or full-time (your choice) for College Bookies.  Our current writers earn anywhere from $15 up to $25 per article; now you know what to expect once your officially hired full-time.  We will grade on the overall popularity of your articles, positive comments we receive from readers, and how often your material went viral throughout the social media channels.

Grand Prize Winner (Top Writer of the 2017-2018 Sports Season)

The Grand Prize winner will receive a position at College Bookies as a part-time or full-time writer plus an all expenses trip to Costa Rica.  You will be invited to stay at an exclusive beach resort and meet the College Bookies Models for a celebratory dinner.  The all expenses trip will be booked for Super Bowl weekend, top prize winner will have an alternate if for any reason he or she is unable to attend the runner up winner will receive the prize.

CV’s / Resume’s are to be emailed to:

*** Please note if you are currently participating in an athlete program at any University US or International, we will not consider your application.  This Internship is strictly for students who are fans with their frat brothers, friends, and co-workers looking to gain valuable experience as sports writers.  All of the content you provide will be used for entertainment purposes only.