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What is College Bookies ?
Pay Per Head Sportsbook Service.  At College Bookies, we offer you the platform and capabilities to start taking bets at your College or University.

How much does College Bookies Pay Per Head Service cost?
Our rates vary based on how many friends you have betting with you.  The average cost is around $10 per active player.  This includes full access to our freshly updated 2018 Sportsbook, Racebook, Casino, and V.I.P. software.

What are my charges for Non-Active Players?
No play, no pay.  Simple guideline we go by at College Bookies.  If one of your players does not wager during the course of the betting week, there will be no pay per head charge for that player.

How many active players do I need to begin?
One friend is all you need to start your own bookmaking business.  College Bookies provides the tools you need to grow and prosper.  Email us now to get started: info@collegebookies.com Or fill in the contact form below.

How do I pay for College Bookies Pay Per Head Service?
We accept many different payment options including but not limited to Vanilla Gift Cards, Money Orders, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Western Union, and MoneyGram.

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