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Welcome to College Bookies.

College Bookies is your one stop source for college betting news, pay per head, fantasy, bookie information, plus everything else that is related to the gambling world. Our focus is the college market, those who enjoy betting on games over the weekend with their friends and placing a wager online whether it be fantasy, their march madness bracket, or action with their local bookie.

Everyone loves sports and even more wagering on the games.  We here at College Bookies share that same passion and are here to provide the latest news, reviews, and entertainment not found anywhere else on the web.  Be sure to add us to your social media pages and spread the word.

For those of you interested in joining the team contact us for more information regarding the College Bookies Internship program!


How to Set-Up an Offshore Sportsbook Account


The only thing more fun than watching your favorite sports is betting on them. Unless you have easy access to a local bookie, the best way to get in on all the action is to open up a betting account at any number of the offshore sportsbooks that operate online through a highly sophisticated Internet sports betting website.

The easiest way to find an offshore sportsbook is to simply perform an online search for “where to bet on sports”, but this is probably not the best way to get started. There are literally hundreds of online sports betting outlets to choose from and you will want to first do your due diligence to find an offshore sportsbook that best meets your particular sports betting needs. While every online sportsbook will take your bets, not every online sportsbook is created equal.

A great place to start your search for an offshore sportsbook is through any number of the sports betting information sites that routinely create and update both thorough and unbiased reviews for all the major players in the offshore sportsbook industry. You will want to weigh the pros and cons of each sportsbook site in terms of things such as their financial banking practices for making deposits and withdrawals, their general betting policies as well as the overall ease of use when it comes to navigating their online website. Just about anything you can think of when it comes to each online sportsbook should be covered in the site reviews. Most of these reviews will also employ a rating system from A to F. Finding a A-rated book such as BetAnySports is one of the best options to narrow down your search for top opnline sports betting outlets that meet your needs.

Once you have found an offshore sportsbook that you are comfortable with, it is very easy to open a sports betting account online through a very simple sign-up process. You will first have to decide how you wish to fund your offshore sportsbook account, but most of the top-rated books offer a number of convenient ways to make deposits and withdrawals.

Just about every offshore sportsbook operating online will offer some kind of sign-up bonus for new accounts in the form of free bets depending on the amount of your initial deposits. If you consider yourself an avid sports bettor, the these bonuses could be a great way to expand your betting bankroll. Since every bonus offer comes with rollover requirements on the amount of money you first have to bet, be sure to carefully read the fine print before signing up  for any promotion or incentive offer.

College Bookies Internships – Join The Team


College Bookies is your one stop source for college betting news, pay per head, fantasy, bookie information, plus everything else that is related to the gambling world. Our focus is the college market, those who enjoy betting on games over the weekend with their friends and placing a wager online whether it be fantasy, their march madness bracket, or action with their local bookie.

Our goal is to make your experience more enjoyable, providing the very latest in sports news, odds, Sportsbook Reviews, Pay Per Head Reviews, and Fantasy Sports Reviews.  If you feel you have advanced knowledge on any of these subjects, then the College Bookies Internship may be the right place for you to sharpen your writing skills!

We are looking for several college students or recently graduated alumni to join our team and provide quality content regarding the college community gambling culture.  You may wish to write about the big upcoming game this weekend – a rivalry, or revenge game, or the latest news, sports tips, and entertainment.  Content must be original and easy to review, edit, and post.  In order to qualify you must be over the age of 21 and submit 5 articles per week (no copying off the web) we repeat your material must be 100% original.

End of 2017 – Top 3 Writers Selected

End of the year we will select the top 3 interns to work part-time or full-time (your choice) for College Bookies.  Our current writers earn anywhere from $15 up to $25 per article; now you know what to expect once your officially hired full-time.  We will grade on the overall popularity of your articles, positive comments we receive from readers, and how often your material went viral throughout the social media channels.

Grand Prize Winner (Top Writer of the 2017-2018 Sports Season)

The Grand Prize winner will receive a position at College Bookies as a part-time or full-time writer plus an all expenses trip to Costa Rica.  You will be invited to stay at an exclusive beach resort and meet the College Bookies Models for a celebratory dinner.  The all expenses trip will be booked for Super Bowl weekend, top prize winner will have an alternate if for any reason he or she is unable to attend the runner up winner will receive the prize.

CV’s / Resume’s are to be emailed to: info@collegebookies.com

*** Please note if you are currently participating in an athlete program at any University US or International, we will not consider your application.  This Internship is strictly for students who are fans with their frat brothers, friends, and co-workers looking to gain valuable experience as sports writers.  All of the content you provide will be used for entertainment purposes only.

How to Become a Bookie


The online sports betting industry has exploded over the past few years in popularity and there is no end in sight to the overall growth when it comes to wagering on sports. While there is no shortage of big offshore sportsbooks operating online, there is still a tremendous business opportunity to run your own independent sports bookmaking operation given how today’s highly sophisticated sports bettor is looking for the added level of customer service and the personal attention to detail that the big books simply cannot provide.That is great news for you if you have ever thought of booking your own sports betting action and now could be the perfect time to get started. The first step in the process when it comes to starting a private bookie business is to line up some betting customers. You only need a handful of sports bettors to get started so a good place to find a few is with any friends and family that enjoy wagering on sports.

Once you have lined up a few customers to get the ball rolling, you are going to need to establish some cash reserves to help fund your operation. A sports bookie will make the majority of their money on the 10 percent commission they charge to book a bet, which is commonly referred to as the “vig” (short for vigorish) or the “juice”. Your goal as the sportsbook is to try and lay off as much action as possible on each side of a bet, but that is not always possible given the tendency for most bettors to lean towards the favorites on the point spread or money line bet and to the OVER play on the total line bet. You need the necessary cash reserves to ride out the ups and downs that are associated with this type of business.

Once you have your customers and sufficient funds to run your bookie business, it is time to align yourself with a Pay Per Head service that has the proper sportsbook software solutions to take your business online. There are a number of really good online resources such as “College Bookies” where you can find some unbiased reviews for most of the price per head services in the online sports betting industry today. Often times you can sign up with a Pay Per Head site directly through a link on one of these sports betting information websites.

Once you have your designated PPH service in place and your bookie operation is up and running online you should be good to go.  Your first step is filling out the College Bookies registration form and you will be set up within 24 hours with a top PPH service.




Where to Bet Offshore


Sports betting is big business these days in an online gambling industry that continues to grow each and every year. There has also been a proliferation in online casino gambling as well as an increase in horse betting at online racebooks over the past several years.

Right along with this growth in the Internet sports betting industry, there has also been explosion in the number of offshore sportsbooks operating online to take your bets. Even though there is no shortage of online sports betting outlets catering to the betting public both in the United States as well as around the globe, the question of “where to bet offshore? ” is often one the most heavily searched terms when it comes to online gambling.

The first thing that you will want to take into consideration to placing sports bets at an offshore sportsbook is all the pros and cons associated with these types of betting outlets. A great starting point would be a reputable online sportsbook information site that specializes in creating unbiased sportsbook reviews for all the major players in the Internet sports betting industry.

Things have changed dramatically since the first offshore sportsbooks went online back in the 1990’s. The high level of sophistication in today’s online sports betting software has basically revolutionized the way that people are betting on the games these days. The majority of sports bets are placed online through a personal computer or mobile hand-held device so you will want to find an offshore book that has made the necessary investments in their operating system to keep pace with these latest advances.

Most of the top offshore sportsbooks operating online also offer a very advanced banking center for making deposits and withdrawals from a betting account. The key aspect you want to look for here is a book that operates with a high level of security and discretion when it comes to completing any online transaction.

The overall variety of betting options is also high on the list for sports bettors as well as anyone else who might be looking to add horse betting and online casino gambling to the mix. Just about every aspect of an offshore book operating online will be covered in these comprehensive reviews and most come with an actual grading system from A to F. An A-rated book such as BetAnySports is always the safest way to go, but you should still keep an open mind towards any offshore books graded lower than that in light of the overall benefits they might be able to bring to the table.



Sports Betting in College Communities

Photos taken at Las Vegas.

When it comes to online sports betting, certain college sports such as football and basketball generate a great deal of action that offshore sportsbooks and private bookies working with a Pay Per Head service take in. This expanded access to a wide variety of online betting outlets has contributed greatly to the overall popularity of betting on college sports that continues to progressively grow each and every year.

One of the biggest reasons why sports betting in college communities is so popular is the pure nature of sports at this level. Many experts may see college football and basketball as minor league extensions of the NFL and NBA, but the main reason why these sports do appeal to both fans and bettors is that the majority of the athletes are still playing for the love of the game. This works to heighten the emotional aspect of college sports, which in turn, heightens the overall excitement and entertainment that the games bring to the table.

Another big reason why college sports betting is so popular is the sheer amount of games that are played each season across the entire country. When it comes to college football, you have five major conferences (also known as the Power 5) and five Mid Majors representing 128 different programs in Division IA (FBS). Things really explode for sports bettors when it comes to college basketball when this schedule expands out to 32 D-I conferences representing 351 different schools. There is always something for everyone when it comes to betting on college hoops from mid-November right through March Madness.

It definitely takes more effort to properly handicap college sports given the range and scope of the teams involved, but it can be well worth the added time given that there are bound to be a regular supply of soft betting lines at your favorite offshore sportsbook or with your local sports bookmaker backed by a Pay Per Head online betting service. Betting the pros in the NFL and the NBA comes with much sharper lines for every game posted. However, with so many smaller college football and basketball teams in action at any given time during the regular season, oddsmakers are constantly challenged to keep things as sharp as they would like to at this level.

The best betting strategy for college sports such as football and basketball is to limit the scope of your handicapping efforts to a single conference or small number of teams so you can really drill down into the stats, facts and betting trends for a particular matchup. For those of you ready to take action this sports season, sign-up at College Bookies today for a complete walk through of the best betting software.  This is the same software used by the biggest offshore Sportsbooks servicing sports countless sports fans throughout the world.