College Bookies – Pay Per Head Service!

With over 20 years in the sports betting world and located in Costa Rica, College Bookies is the leading choice for college students to start making a real profit on their College Campus. Our bookmaking software is already being used in Universities nationwide by business minded students every day.

College Bookies is considered the ace of spades in the Per Head business. We have been featured in Entrepenur Magazine, Forbes, Gambling911, The Vegas Insider, Don Best, and other leading web sites.

We don’t have to lower our price to attract new customers like the competition, our premier per head software and unrivaled customer service do that for us.

Our superior sportsbook software makes bookmaking easy and will put you on pace to surpass the leading online betting sites as your clients will be able to wager online or by phone via a toll-free number.

Your clients will enjoy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year gambling, on a price per head basis. Even if you have a smaller group of players, our college bookie per head package offers you the complete solution for your bookmaking needs. Real Bookie Pay Per Head Sportsbook software takes calls, record necessary information and grades the results. We offer 24/7 internet access to your players’ reports where you will see their winnings, losses and much more.

Your players will benefit from an enormous amount of wagering options that are trump to any other Pay Per Head Service out there today. Options include thousands of sports betting lines and props, horse betting from tracks all over the world, V.I.P. Platform that allows your clients to constantly wager during the course of their favorite sporting events, and a five star online casino.

You will also make all player profile decisions and set guidelines, limits and/or restrictions for each bettor.

  • Your player’s accounts will be fully integrated.
  • Your clients will use the same account balance whether they are wagering on a sports, horses or playing a casino game.
  • Best of all, if your players don’t make a wager in the betting week, you are not charged.

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